About Liberty

Liberty Financial Group is a dedicated and experienced group of insurance consultants. We are committed to offering you honest, unbiased advice and recommendations. That’s why:

  • We shop many insurance carriers to ensure you get the best option and best deal.
  • We are not restricted to any single carrier product. Unlike many other insurance agents, we do not push any proprietary insurance products. Our objective is to find the best products for you and your needs wherever they come from.

We take a personal approach

That’s why we work very hard to understand you, your needs and goals. And we make it a point to offer clear explanations so you understand any solutions, recommendations and advice we offer. We answer all your questions.

At Liberty Financial Group we make sure our clients can take advantage of our experience, expertise and knowledge of the industry. In addition to our own expertise we are well networked with financial professionals, attorneys, CPAs etc. and connect you with right resources when needed. Contact us today!

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At Liberty Financial Group our mission is to provide you with the most options so that you can confidently make the right decision. We are dedicated to helping you make the best choice based on your individual situation. Many people often complain about lack of time when lack of direction is the real problem.

Let us provide you with that direction because we know to be prepared is half the victory.